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2020 GEABL Fall Season

Covid Guidelines are on website. It says BvB baseball. waiting on the form to be changed to GEABL but using same.

Welcome to a new season of GEABL Fall ball. We will be playing doulbe headers on Saturdays. Staying at same field for both games. Once game 1 is over please start game 2 no more then 45 minutes after. Try to start the game ASAP. Most Im sure will start 15 - 20 minutes...

Spring rules appluy so for the following:

1. Pitchers are allowed 75 total pitches for both games combined. Ex. If they pitch 40 pitches game 1 they are allowed only 35 in game 2... Also, Can only pitch a max of 3 innings per game.

2. 2 hour time limit. No new inning may start after 2 hours.

3. One umpire for games in fall. 60.00 per game. Home team pays umpire.

Please email game scores to geabloffice18@gmail.com after both games are finished. I do not need pitching information just score. Both teams should email the scores.

2020 GEABL rules

Covid Guidelines

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