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Starting May 8th the following changes are enforced:for both minors and majors:

1. All games during the week will now start at 5:45 pm.

2. if a baserunner(s) leaves early it will now be a dead ball and runner will be OUT. NO WARNING.

3. More explanation to follow but after a 2 week trial in the minors with 2 options for batting order, the OLD rule of a continous batting order will be reinstated. New way does have some benefit and will be discussed during off season and new rule will be effective spring of 2024.


Please contact BARRY with any cancellation amd make up dates. Emailing the minors or majors or the office gmail will delay the proecss. Once he ok the change he will contact me and I will change it on the scheduler. NO games become offficial until barry contacts me and I will then move the game. I will not move a game until the umpire assignor approves of the date.

SEND RESULTS to the following emails:



Playoffs: new format for 2023

Both minors and majors will play 14 regular season games . The top 6 get bye. 10 plays 9 and 8 plays 7.

Winner of 10-9 is 8th seed and winner of 8-7 is 7th seed. Play quarter and semi and 3 game championship series like normal .

The 2 losing teams will play each other for one more game .

The teams that did not make the top 10 can play another game or 2 if they choose against any of the teams just for fun. The games will have 1 umpire and both teams split the cost .

2023 Minors spring Rule

2023 Majors spring rules

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