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2nd Grade Revenge
3 Kick Mafia
Alcoballics (Barone)
All My Pitches Love Me
Bad News Bears
Ball Busters
Ballin Under the Influence
Ballz Deep (Reinhardt)
BDD and the Ballers
Beats and Cleats 3.0
Beer Dad's Kids
Boom Box
Booze on First (Jolles)
Booze on First (Rene)
Booze on First (Schaefer)
Brews on First
Canton Thursday Free Agents
Chicks Like Big Kicks
Delia's Dons
Disappearing Pandas
Excuse me, your balls are showing
Faces Loaded
Free Agent Team #1
Free Agent Team #2
Good on Paper
Ham Wallets
I'd Kick It
Just the Tip
Kick Life Cartel
Kick Tease
Kickin' Chickens
Kicking and Screaming
Kicking While Intoxicated
Let's Get Wiley
Lit Factory
Littering And...
Masturbating Bears
Menace II Sobriety
Natty Bohners
Neon F*cks Given
Not In the Face
Old Baes
Park(inson')s and Recreation
Pitch Had It Comin'
Pitches be Cray
Pitches Get Stitches
PortaPotty Pirates of Patterson Park
Power Worms
Recess Rejects
Recess Renegades
Resting Kick Face
Rubber Balls & Liquor
Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Sit On My Base (Hinke)
Spaghetti and Kickballs
Steve Bats Last
Swamp Donkies
Swift Kick in the Grass
Swift Kick in the Grass (Weinberger)
The Greatest Show on Turf
The Show
Tie Dye-a-rhea
Too much sauce
Unknown Team
Wasted Potential
We Kick Balls
We're The Old Guys?
Winner Winner Dong for Dinner

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